What Does GNS Mean on Snapchat?

From greetings to Hi and even hand-waving emojis, online language is shrinking daily. Why is that? Because this digital age makes our lives fast and hectic. There’s so much to be done in less time. Thus, social media users create slang using just a few letters to create stories. One of these acronyms that are frequently used is GNS. Although it is used frequently across all social media dashboards, what does GNS mean on Snapchat remains the most sought-after query on Google. 

What Does GNS Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat has gained enough popularity due to its unique features, disappearing messages, snaps, and funny mood-changing filters. This is the prominent reason that Snapchat soon earned thousands of users. Temporary stories and vanishing snaps, once opened, catch everyone’s attention.

Snapchat users can speak their language, which we refer to as abbreviations, acronyms, Slang, or whatever. It is the short form or the initial word of the phrase. You may be unaware of all the slang used in the Snapchat dictionary so we will explain the GNS significance in depth.

GNS is a reference to ‘Good Night Streaks.’ This is the Snapchatters’ way of wishing good Night to all. You might be wondering why there’s a need to add a streak. Shouldn’t GN suffice? Therefore, “stretched” is another word since GNS is commonly used to send a text to keep streaks between two people who communicate on Snapchat. Snapchat also includes a GNS filter.

Many people think that GNS is “Good Night Screenshots,” which isn’t accurate. Yes, but screenshots can be shared using GNS filters, but no one knows that. It’s all thanks to Snapchat! GNS uses the same terminology as GTS. GTS means ‘Go To Sleep’. GTS and GNS are also used interchangeably. However, an affluent group believes that GTS also means “Good Times, ” which is awesome.

What Does GNS Mean In Texting?

The treasure of Snapchat slang keeps on increasing every day. With each passing day, Snapchatters are inventing a new slang word that everyone does not necessarily know. And that’s embarrassing when your friend is texting you acronyms’ language, and you just can’t figure out what it means. You won’t be able to reply to them contextually and feel sidetracked. So, instead of uninstalling Snapchat, learning and gaining expertise in this new language is better. And we are here to help you know what GNS means in texting.

GNS on texting is the same unless the context in which it is utilized differs from that of social media. GNS isn’t just restricted to the limits of social media. There are other meanings to GNS as well. We will list several different GNS meanings in contexts other than social media.

  • In Medical, GNS is the term used to describe Graduate Nurses.
  • Within Medical Surgery, GNS means Glucose Normal Saline
  • In Networking, Gene GNS means Gene Network Sciences
  • In Neurology, GNS refers to Genital Nerve Stimulation
  • In Geography, GNS is the term used to describe GNS is the German North Sea
  • In the field of computing, GNS is the abbreviation for Get the closest Server
  • In Computing, GNS is Global Network Solutions.
  • In military Operation, GNS means Global Navigation System
  • In Telecommunications, GNS means Global Network Services
  • In Computing, GNS refers to Graphical Network Simulator
  • In Security, GNS means Global Network Security
  • In Slang, GNS means Gaining New Self

GNS Examples

So you know the GNS definition now but are still confused about how and where to use it. Is it the right word for saying Good Night or Good Bye? Let us look at some GNS examples that help you understand GNS usage better and use it like a pro.

A late-night conversation between two acquaintances.

It was a long and tiring day. Okay, I’ll see you again soon. GNS.

In this instance, GNS is utilized in a very casual way in which, while talking with a friend, one person wishes to stop the conversation and send GNS. It’s a way of indicating that the other party is exhausted and not engaged in conversation.

To continue, Snap Streak.

GNS, let’s keep the streak going.

This GNS signifies that the person is keen to keep the streak going, thus sending GNS before the day ends. Perhaps throughout the day, there was no exchange of texts.

Other Popularly Used Snapchat Acronyms


GTS means Go To Sleep. This is a good method to end any conversation. It is a great way to tell your colleagues and friends. Since it’s a little informal, it shouldn’t be advised to message senior employees and managers.


WCW stands for “WOMEN CRUSH WEDNESDAYS.” This is a form of appreciation of slang designed for women everywhere. It is more than text. It is utilized as a hashtag to show gratitude and support to women by the person who created the post. In many instances, one can use WCW to express appreciation to the women who surround you.


SSB in captions, comments, and Snaps that you post on Snapchat is “Send Snap back’. That means that if your friend shares a Snap that includes SSB and asks you to Snap the other person back with your photo or video. Also, it is possible to conclude that SSB is sent to start the conversation for anyone who uses Snapchat. Snapchat App. The term is often reduced to SB, a simple translation of ‘SnapBack.’


NGL on Snapchat is a contraction of ‘Not Gonna lie’ on Snapchat. You are getting this correctly. NGL is often used in chats or posts to provide assurance and demonstrate sincerity. But anything can occur in the social world, which is why NGL could also be used to insult others or in a sarcastic manner. It’s a frequently used abbreviation for an emotional person who uses online platforms to share the emotions and thoughts of his.


The word ISTG, which means ‘I swear to God, ‘ is usually written to confirm that the sender is stating the truth. It’s an assurance that the sender has added to the information or statement they have made or provided. If someone is saying “ISTG, you look beautiful, ” the person is trying to convey the sincerity of his statements that she is beautiful and isn’t lying. Alongside assurance, ISTG is often used to convey the harsh reality of reality, surprise, or even annoyance.


KMS on Snapchat signifies ‘Kill Me.’ It is an expression of melodrama that allows you to show fake anger to your boyfriend on Snapchat. On the other hand, on a serious level, it could be a warning of suicide or an expression of depression, anger, sadness, or even disgust.


WTM is a different slang term used like a forest on today’s social media platforms. It also means the same way as it does on Snapchat. As we said earlier, WTM means What’s The Move or what’s The Important, as well as whatever It’s All About.


Social media started as an online friend circle to chat and instant messaging. With the gradual addition of new features and features, the language has also been being used in the form of acronyms and will soon dominate the internet. Nowadays, nobody has the time to write lengthy sentences. People prefer texting only initials. GNS is one of the acronyms that translates to ‘Good Night Streak which is used on Snapchat, an instant messaging app with face filters in real-time. We hope we can help you understand what does GNS mean on Snapchat.

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