8 Best Sites Like Hoodsite in 2023

Hoodsite as we know, is one of the most popular news websites known for its non-censored media and news about crime. It gained popularity due to its openness. As an adult-oriented website, it protects the fundamental rights of its users as well as freedom of expression and the right to provide information to every user. It was launched in 2019 and was a huge success with cult fans. With a distinct set of faithful followers comes issues. Certain users are dissatisfied with the number of advertisements that appear. Whatever the reason, there are many people today seeking Hoodsite alternatives.

Following the site’s popularity, numerous websites came up with similar themes. Likewise, different websites have redesigned themselves to provide the same information that is not censored to users. In this situation, there are a lot of sites similar to Hoodsite which are available. In this article, we’ll examine our choices of the eight most popular alternatives to Hoodsite. We hope you’ll enjoy using it.

8 Best Sites Like Hoodsite in 2023

Now that we have comprehended the need to look for alternatives to hoodsite let us check out the best sites like Hoodsite that you can choose from apart from Hoodsite:

Leaked Reality

If you want to find Hoodsite options, the leaked reality is among the top options you could choose from. With an array of comparable features, sure that you are entertained and away from unnecessary adult content. You can select between the light and dark settings according to your preferences. The content is broken down into albums or videos. The thing that makes this website unique is the homepage. You can access nearly all of the information on the homepage. Additionally, anyone can upload content after a couple of layers of filtering.


It was launched in 2006 under the name Ogrish. It was moved into a live-streaming website until May 2021. Liveleak was a British streaming site that provided uncensored videos of wars, politics, and other significant occasions. It played a significant role in promoting journalism across many nations and regions. Liveleaks was closed down, which led to the site itemfix. Itemfix site draws viewers in with its clean and easy interface with a wide range of channels. Viral memes News, Fail, WTF, Crashes, and Cool are some of the most popular channels. Most videos are used to create content; this makes it an ideal choice for video-on-demand enthusiasts.


Shockgore is a different option for hoodsite. Being an old and popular site, it’s believed to be well-liked by Alexa. It is believed to be a safe website to explore, and you might need to be aware that some adult-oriented content could appear. This website is regarded as a trusted source by Trend Micro. Although it has many positive aspects, it is stifled by the negative reviews of users. It’s not optimized to appear on various websites. This could be the most suitable choice to consider as an alternative to Hoodsite.


If you’re a fan of websites such as YouTube, Metacafe can be an option. It’s an online video sharing website like YouTube. The difference is that it allows you to view and share the latest updates and uncensored gore videos. The legitimacy of these videos is being questioned. You can access content at no cost from any part of the globe. All you require an account on the platform. You will be able to access sections such as the most popular and recent ones that are displayed on the main page. Alongside gore videos and breaking news, you will enjoy cooking, comedy, and other entertainment videos. This site has been changed to Videoshub.com.


TheYNC is one of the few platforms that try to provide content to all viewers. It has normal violent, adult, and disturbing videos and some adult content. This website is dedicated to horrifying videos of real-life incidents. It has videos that can be classified into many categories. As you would expect, graphic adult and abuse are the most frequent categories on this website. However, deducing the right information can guide users to the betterment of the community. This website offers many attractive features for users, such as points, badges, and ranks. This makes people remain interested.

Documenting Reality

The name suggests the site’s name. It is a collection of authentic and uncensored collection of videos and images. The collection includes famous Death photos, Read Death Videos, Street fights, Autopsies, and more. Since it is a streaming site that is free to access, it is accessible for free to everyone and is accessible in nearly every nation. It has some of the most popular posters, which are frequently updated. This website’s unique features include not condoning violence or harmful and illegal content. Therefore, it prohibits users who have more than 3 points.


It’s a shocking website that provides visitors with uncensored photos and videos of accident scenes, suicides, cadavers, capital punishment, overdoses, and numerous others. Murders of a variety of people can be found here. The site is recognized as one of the most gory websites. It was taken down in December 2021 but was reinstated and updated in January 2022. In 14 years of its existence, it has posted various shocking videos which have helped it remain one of the best uncensored websites.


If you’re a fan of memes and wish to get more information about comics and memes, Crazyshit could be a great choice for you. The site is awash with adult-oriented content, but it’s not a designated adult-only site. If you’re not logging into the adult-only section, You are probably free of such content. The most popular categories on the site are Extreme, Fighting WTF, slutty, and more. The information you get from these categories will provide a clear picture of the people this site is comprised of. It provides a satisfactory smartphone experience and can be useful in various situations. The information isn’t too long. This can further enhance your user’s experience.


Here are some of the best Hoodsite alternatives you can pick from. Many websites similar to hoodsite were shut down due to numerous reasons. However, the alternatives aren’t diminished from the original ones in all ways. Although some contain adult content, others stay out of it. You can select the right choice depending on your preference and your convenience.

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