How to Find Expired Tumblr Domains?

Tumblr, a widely recognized social media platform, facilitates users with the freedom to share a diverse range of content, including but not limited to, text, images, and videos. As time elapses, numerous Tumblr blogs are generated, however, some of them, in the fullness of time, become dormant or discarded, thereby causing their domain names to expire. But let us not disregard the fact that these abandoned Tumblr domains, albeit expired, can be remarkably valuable for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reasons, primarily because of the existing backlinks, traffic, and social signals.

The current discussion, by and large, will dwell on the means to identify expired Tumblr domains, and further, how to assess and procure them. Subsequently, we will also explore how to employ these domains, that are past their prime, for purposes concerning SEO, as well as other objectives. Without exception, this guide is a must-read for all search engine optimization aficionados, and bloggers seeking to enhance their online presence, as it guarantees unparalleled insights on spotting and utilizing expired Tumblr domains for augmenting online visibility.

How to Find Expired Tumblr Domains?

Why expired Tumblr domains are valuable:

Expired Tumblr domains can be extremely valuable for several reasons. Firstly, they offer established backlinks and traffic. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to the Tumblr domain, and they are an important factor in search engine ranking. When you acquire an expired Tumblr domain, you also acquire all the backlinks that were built up over time, which can significantly boost your website’s search engine ranking.

In addition, expired Tumblr domains also have established traffic. These domains already have an audience that may still be visiting the domain even though the Tumblr blog is no longer active. This traffic can be redirected to your own website or blog, increasing your own traffic and potentially your revenue.

Moreover, expired Tumblr domains can have established social signals, including followers and engagement. This social proof can be leveraged to establish credibility for your own website or blog.

Acquiring expired Tumblr domains can be a cost-effective way to establish a powerful online presence. These domains can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of buying a new domain and offer many of the same benefits, such as search engine ranking, traffic, and social proof.

Finding expired Tumblr domains:

Discovering expired Tumblr domains can be accomplished using a myriad of approaches. Among the simplest is the utilization of online tools which specialize in discovering and examining these expired domains. Let us examine a few of these tools: This tool affords you the ability to scour the internet for expired domains by means of keywords, extensions, and an assortment of other criteria. What is more, you can filter the search results based on a slew of other factors, such as backlinks, age, and traffic. is a domain search engine that permits you to inquire after expired Tumblr domains based on a potpourri of criteria, including age, backlinks, and keyword relevance. is a comprehensive domain search tool that allows you to inspect expired Tumblr domains based on a wide range of criteria, encompassing domain age, backlinks, and social media metrics. It is a tool that grants you the capacity to verify the availability of expired Tumblr domains, and presents valuable information on backlinks, domain authority, and page authority.

After you have gathered a register of expired Tumblr domains that align with your standards, the ensuing stride is to evaluate them to discern which of these domains are truly worth procuring.

Evaluating expired Tumblr domains:

When considering the purchase of expired Tumblr domains, numerous components must be contemplated to ensure that you acquire a domain worth investing in. Here are a few of the most consequential aspects to consider:

Backlinks: The backlinks of the expired Tumblr domain are an integral factor to consider. You want to search for domains with first-rate backlinks that are applicable to your niche or industry. Tools like Ahrefs and Moz can facilitate the analysis of backlink quality and the identification of spammy or inferior links.

Traffic: The amount of traffic an expired Tumblr domain receives is a noteworthy factor to consider. You can utilize tools like SimilarWeb or SEMrush to assess the estimated traffic of the domain.

Social Signals: The social signals of the expired Tumblr domain, including its number of followers and engagement on social media, can also be of great value. Look for domains with a substantial number of followers and active engagement.

Penalty Check: Checking whether the expired Tumblr domain has been penalized by Google is also imperative. Tools like Google Search Console or Fruition’s Google Penalty Checker can assist in detecting any penalties.

Domain Authority: Domain authority (DA) is a metric formulated by Moz that predicts the potential search engine ranking of a domain. A higher DA score indicates a more robust domain. The DA of an expired Tumblr domain can be evaluated using Moz’s Link Explorer.

By evaluating these variables, you can determine which expired Tumblr domains are worth procuring and which ones to steer clear of. It is crucial to conduct a comprehensive analysis of each domain to guarantee that you acquire a top-quality domain that can supply the desired SEO benefits.

Buying expired Tumblr domains:

Acquiring expired Tumblr domains can be a risky yet rewarding investment for boosting your online presence. However, the process of purchasing expired domains can be perplexing and requires careful evaluation to avoid any potential risks. Here are some steps to follow when purchasing an expired Tumblr domain:

  1. Contact the owner: The first step is to contact the domain owner and inquire about the purchase. Using a domain whois lookup tool or domain broker service can help you find the owner’s contact information.
  2. Negotiate a price: Negotiating a fair price is key to acquiring a quality expired Tumblr domain. The price can vary depending on factors such as backlinks, traffic, and social signals.
  3. Transfer the domain: Once a price has been agreed upon, the domain owner must transfer the domain to your registrar account. A domain transfer service can assist with the process.
  4. Set up the domain: After transferring the domain, set it up on your web hosting account. You can either use the domain to create a new blog or redirect the traffic to an existing website.

It’s important to note that acquiring an expired Tumblr domain carries some risks, such as potential penalties or a negative reputation. Therefore, a thorough evaluation of the domain is crucial before purchasing. Factors to consider include the quality of backlinks, estimated traffic, social signals, penalty check, and domain authority. Using tools such as Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, SimilarWeb, and Google Search Console can help you analyze and evaluate the domain.

In conclusion, purchasing expired Tumblr domains can be a beneficial investment for improving your online visibility, but it requires a burst of effort, careful evaluation, and legitimate use of the domain to avoid any penalties or damage to your online reputation.

Using expired Tumblr domains:

Acquiring an expired Tumblr domain can yield a myriad of possibilities for fulfilling your online marketing objectives. There are several popular ways to use such a domain to achieve these goals, each with its unique benefits and challenges. Below are some of the most popular options to consider:

Initiating a New Blog

Using an expired Tumblr domain to create a new blog is an excellent approach to gain entrance into a niche or industry. By leveraging the appropriate content and strategies, you can foster an engaged audience, entrench yourself as an authority in your field, and increase your online visibility and credibility.

Traffic Redirection

Redirecting traffic from an expired Tumblr domain to an existing website is a formidable tactic that can boost your website’s search engine rankings, augment website traffic, and ultimately increase customers and revenue. It is imperative to note that implementing this strategy requires diligence in adhering to SEO best practices and building a sound online reputation.

Link Building

An expired Tumblr domain with high-quality backlinks is an invaluable resource for link building. Link building involves creating relevant content and linking back to your website, which can, in turn, improve your website’s search engine rankings and attract more traffic. Adhering to ethical SEO principles while employing this strategy is crucial to prevent penalties that may result from manipulative SEO tactics.

Building an Authority Site

Creating high-quality content and developing a robust online presence is another approach to using an expired Tumblr domain to establish yourself as an authority in a particular niche or industry. Establishing your authority can help improve visibility and credibility and ultimately, increase customers and revenue. Employing this strategy requires an acute focus on SEO best practices and ethical content creation.

When considering the best approach to leveraging an expired Tumblr domain, it is essential to keep in mind that SEO best practices and ethical content creation are non-negotiable. Employing unethical SEO tactics can result in severe penalties that can jeopardize the reputation of your online presence. By following these guidelines, you can maximize the potential of your expired Tumblr domain and achieve your online marketing objectives.


In summary, searching for and procuring expired Tumblr domains can be an effective strategy for enhancing your online presence and realizing your marketing goals. Armed with the right tools and techniques, you can identify high-quality expired domains replete with invaluable backlinks, traffic, and social signals. Once you have secured a domain, you can use it to initiate a new blog, redirect traffic to an existing website, build links, or establish an authority site.

However, a prudent evaluation of each domain is crucial before initiating purchases. The quality of the domain should be thoroughly assessed, and any potential risks and opportunities weighed before deciding. Moreover, any black hat SEO tactics should be shunned, as the resultant penalties could damage your online reputation. Upholding ethical SEO practices and employing high-quality content creation methods is paramount for achieving long-term success with your expired Tumblr domains.

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