How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat?

Snap streaks are a well-known Snapchat feature that keeps an eye on the length of time a user has been in contact with another user through the app. If you exchange Snap and Snapchat messages with another Snapchatter every day for three days, you will see the Hourglass symbol disappear, and the fire symbol will appear. These symbols tell you the length of time that the conversation has been ongoing with the exact amount of days.

The Help section on Snapchat hasn’t stated the duration of the hourglass run for Snapchat. So several Snapchatters were looking for how long the hourglass will last. We’ve tested Snapchat’s Snapchat App for several days and have come to a logical conclusion. This is why we’re providing our findings and valuable information about Snapchat streaks and hourglass functions. Keep an eye out.

What Is Snapchat’s Hourglass Symbol?

If you’re still confused about the hourglass sign, you’re not the only one, and this post will assist. Whenever you see an hourglass ( ) icon, it signifies your streak with a friend is about to end. This sign shows that you have a few hours left to renew the streak before the hourglass icon disappears. The sight of this, a notice to take action quickly, alerts Snapstreak users when their streak is about to expire. This sign aids users in remembering to transmit snaps to one another to keep the SnapStreak running as usual.

The duration of the streak is determined by the sum of pictures captured by one person and shared with another user. Snapchat Scores, SMS messages, or stickers are not considered. The hourglass will show in the profile of the user as well as the profile if they have the same streak, which is an indication to indicate that this streak may be set to come to an end unless any or both of them share the snap.

How Long Does The Hourglass Last?

It’s time to address another hot question: how long does the hourglass last on Snapchat? The hourglass isn’t a good sign for the future if you want to keep a Snapstreak going. You’ll have to maintain your Snapchat game on point until you and your pals decide to break the streak, either individually or collectively, to keep the streak running. Several Snapchat users claim the hourglass lasts 2 to 3 hours before breaking your streak. On the other hand, many others believe it lasts between 4 and 7 hours. Due to an adequate lack of details on the assistance page, there is no pertinent answer to how long the hourglass lasts on Snapchat.

Some theories suggest the elusive period exists because not all streaks receive equal focus. The hourglass can be visible for as long as 7 hours of warning in the aftermath of months of continuous usage. The symbol could only be visible for 2 hours if the streak is two or three days old.

How To Get Rid Of Snapchat’s Horrible Hourglass?

We can only estimate how long the hourglass lasts because there is no official announcement for how long it will last. According to Snapchat, you and the person on either side of the streak should share at least one snap every 24 hours. The hourglass strikes after 24 hours. You may avoid worrying about Snapchat’s shrinking hourglass timer using these tactics.

Rather Than Sending Chat Messages, Send A Snap

To avoid Snapchat’s Snapchat streak limit, sending the message via a Snap instead of a text message SMS message is an easy method. Ultimately, you can maintain your humor while encouraging the recipient to respond with a snap. Instead of sending a text or message to a particular person, be sure to take a snap when you want to convey the message shortly or concisely.

Send a Morning Greeting

Consider sending your acquaintances a “Good Morning” image at the beginning of the day. It’s an easy method to get around Snapchat’s hourglass clock. Set a habit of dreaming of beautiful sunrises with Snaps. When you do that, you won’t have to be concerned about being short of time for streaks. Snap and upload a daily selfie to kick off your day. As mentioned previously, there’s an easy method of ensuring you don’t get the Snapchat streak timer doesn’t appear.

Create A Snapstreak Shortcut For Your Friends

This is the ideal and fastest option. We think we must ensure we continue the trend, but this can be lengthy in the case of a large list of friends. We tend not to snap at our friends who aren’t as well-connected. Snapchat Shortcuts can be useful to make sure you don’t lose someone, even if you’re sending a few streaks. Putting the Shortcut on your phone’s home screen is a reminder to use it often. Using the Shortcut feature for those who are notoriously slow to get going will be motivated to swap Snaps.

Snap For The Sake Of Snap

Making a blacked-out or blank image to keep your hourglass at bay if you want to keep your Snap streak going is more important than the kind you’re sending the snap to the sender. You must ensure that the person to whom you’re sending these Snaps is aware of your plans so they don’t get caught off guard by the unneeded snap.

Notify The Other Party

A Snapstreak depends on the return of a snap, so even when you’re doing your bit to keep it going, ensure that the person you’re trading snaps with is aware that you’re committed to keeping your Snapstreak running. You must ensure that the person is as committed to your Snap streak as you are, or else the streak may be lost forever if they don’t send you a photo in time.

What Should You Do If The Hourglass Icon Comes While You’re Still On A Snapstreak?

There have been several instances where the hourglass icon appears and disappears, despite the user honestly keeping their Snapstreak. In this case, contacting Snapchat support and letting them know about the issue is recommended. The hourglass indicator will go, and the Snapstreak icon will reappear next to your profile, thanks to the Snapchat support team.


If you don’t notice the hourglass in the first few minutes, it could be that you have some time to complete the streak. Contact your friend as quickly as you can, and then trade Snaps. Problems with the system or friends who don’t want to catch up on their regular Snapchat activities could result in streaks disappearing. If you’re keen on keeping your streak, the only thing you have to do is exchange snaps, at a minimum, at least once per day.

This is all there is to learn about the streak timer and its function on Snapchat. We hope this information has answered your questions about Snapchat’s hourglass. You can be able to get used to it quickly if you make an effort for a small period of time. It’s incredibly easy to transition to the new method of sharing pictures and becoming social after a few days of adjustment.


How Long Does a Streak Last Before It Dies?

The Snapchat hourglass emoji is typically displayed for 20 hours. However, an hourglass will last for just 4 hours before the streak ceases. If you send a Snap, your Snapchat shows the hourglass. Someone on the other side must submit the snap to remove the hourglass indicator.

Your streak will be over, evident by the hourglass emoticon. It shows itself compared to friends who have lost a lot that is set to end. It’s necessary to take a snap daily, at a minimum.

Does The Hourglass Appear On Both Sides?

The hourglass symbol appears from both angles. The hourglass symbol may be visible on your Snapchat when one of you hasn’t posted the streak. The sole person who causes the hourglass to disappear is the one who must send the snap of the day. In reminding them, you can entice individuals to send back your snap.

If maintaining the Snap streak is more important to you than the type of Snap that you’re taking, then you can take an empty or blacked-out image to prevent the hourglass indicator from showing. It is important to let the other person know that you’re doing this so they don’t fall in the middle by your tiny photo.

How Long Does The Last On Snap?

The streak can last between 2 and 3 hours. According to certain groups of Snapchatters, The Hourglass icon could be anywhere between 4 and 7 hours. The timing of the hourglass icon isn’t exactly clear, as is the timeline for how long it’ll remain.

The hourglass’s unique appearance and duration are likely because no two Snap Streaks are the same. Snapchat could give you an hourglass extension to extend Snapstreak, which has been running well for a long time.

What Does The Hourglass Mean On Snapchat App?

The streak you’ve been on will be over in the form of the hourglass emoticon. It shows itself compared to friends who have had a losing streak that is about to end. It’s necessary to take an image of your partner every single day.

These streaks do not provide any benefit to Snapchat users. They’re just a way to track how long you’ve been in contact in a group with fellow Snapchatters.

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