10 Games Like Huniepop 2023

HuniePop, a simulation for adults, runs on PC, Mac, and Linux. This adult dating sim video game follows the adventures of the main characters. Huniepop is a popular game for those who enjoy simulation sports. This game allows you to play both tile organizing and dating entertainment simultaneously. To kill time, you can search for and play games like HuniePop.

These games may share the same idea but have different storylines. You will discover many new storylines you didn’t know existed. You can also open many things and win exclusive prizes for adults. Let’s look here at HuniePop games for Android and iOS.

Ten Best Games Like Huniepop

Mystic Messenger

This game will feature a passionate and exciting love story between many male characters. You might be interested in some male casts of Mystic Messenger and would like to learn more about them.

You can feel a real connection with this game because it supports interactive messaging applications that allow you to make phone calls or send SMS to other players. Each personality has a compelling storyline that will keep you engaged in this exciting and striking game. The game’s events, chats, and stories will keep you engaged.

Puzzle of Love

Because it follows the same storyline, this mystery game is similar to HuniePop Android. The player plays the role of a writer looking for inspiration. To find inspiration for your next novel, the goal of this game is to meet and date as many women as possible. To attract women, you must be able to use your magic.

Puzzle of Love is a simulation game for dating, but you can also play miniature games. To pass to the next level, it would be helpful if you solved the puzzles of your date. To solve the puzzle of love, use your puns.

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Because it follows the same plot, this is similar to HuniePop mobile. This dating simulation game uses a traditional cartoon style, and it differs from other games. This game will allow you to become a matchmaker and run a matchmaking company.

Your supervisor Kitty Powers, the drag queen diva Kitty Powers, will teach you a lot. Matchmaking skills can be used to make great clients’ lives better by sharing their love stories. 

Amber’s Magic Shop

Many people who search online for Huniepop alternatives end up on this game because it allows them to show Amber, a dark elf, in the dating sim game. Amber is a dark elf who her parents rejected as a baby in the south Cecilia woods. Vin, a prophet, found Amber and supported her in becoming an alchemist. Amber was 16 when Vin sent her to Icesilia, where she would become a well-known alchemist.

This game is an excellent alternative to HuniePop. You can choose how many amber figures you want, your clothes, and the environment.

Heileen 3

You will play Heileen (a beautiful female thief) in this game. This game is perfect for those who like crime and the ocean. Heileen 3 – New Horizons will continue the story of Heileen 2. Heileen will join Morgan, the pirate, and search for her missing companions. This game is similar to HuniePop on smartphones, as you can take an interest in another person.


You will play as an academy student, making this game entertaining. This anime-dating sim game features a class theme, and you will live in an apartment. You can choose to play Max, a male actor, or Anne, a female actor.

The game’s storyline is captivating, and the design is attractive. This is why this game is one of the alternatives to HuniePop that you can download on multiple platforms, such as Android or iOS.


You will play Nicole, a nice girl allowed to enter the campus she needed. However, her personal story starts when she assigns to a university resident. Nicole may be the next victim after a series of mysterious disappearances of her three daughters.

Extracurricular activities, entertainment, and explorations of exciting places are all possible. You will also be able to date male casts like Ted, Darren and Jeff. It is important to identify the culprit. However, you must be careful not to date him. This is one of the most popular Huniepop Alternatives.

The Flower Shop Visual Novel

The Flower Shop is the right choice if you are looking for the most popular and best HuniePop games for iPhone or Android. This game is a thrilling storyline that will keep you coming back for more. Play as Stave, an academic trying to help his school classes.

Steve will need your help to take care of the plants and keep them from being harmed by insects and weeds. You’ll also be able to communicate with the girls about their personalities. You can then use your magic to surprise them with your farming skills and ask them out. The ending of this game will depend on your choices.

C14 Visual Novel

This game is similar to HuniePop and provides you with lots of information. You will be Melissa Flower, an undergraduate in anthropology. As a third-year undergraduate, you are involved in a summer internship in archeology. This internship will allow you to gain impressive knowledge in anthropology.

You will meet and get to know multiple male actors while completing your internship. Each of these characters has its own unique story and character. This game will help you discover the type of guy you like and how to date him.

Hatoful Boyfriend

This game is a remake of Hato Moa, the visual story. Enjoy a relaxed practice of chatting with all kinds of birds, starting from teachers to gangs of bird cyclists. Enjoy your time with the birds you love, and eliminate annoying and repetitive birds.


HuniePop alternatives will have you hooked on operating this game. HuniePop can be a fun dating simulation game. However, sometimes the missions are a bit tricky. You can install any of the ten other games similar to HuniePop on Android or iOS. Play all the Huniepop like games and enjoy an exciting game experience.

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