15 Plus Size Female Anime Characters in 2023

The indomitable influence of anime on our cultural consciousness is truly staggering. Its impact as a form of entertainment is unparalleled, evoking a level of profoundness that is deeply embedded in the fabric of our societal norms. This undeniable reality makes it clear that the visual representation of anime carries with it a significant influence on the viewer’s outlook. Thus, it is crucial to recognize that the establishment of beauty standards in anime plays a pivotal role in shaping the audience’s perspective.

Anime is renowned for its depiction of physically attractive characters, featuring slender waists and perfect features. However, the inclusion of diverse body types and a more positive body image is necessary for anime’s evolution. This is where plus-size anime characters come into play. They provide a refreshing break from the ubiquitous portrayal of stereotypical protagonists and allow for greater inclusivity of all body types. In a world dominated by the traditionally beautiful, it is important to recognize and appreciate the allure of characters who break the mold and capture our hearts.

15 Plus Size Female Anime Characters in 2023

If we were to inquire about your recollection of a single overweight anime character, could you honestly provide an answer? It’s doubtful, as such portrayals are few and far between in anime. While some characters are markedly overweight, others are only slightly plumper than the norm, yet their insecurities make them all the more compelling.

But let’s not even delve into the exasperating stereotypes that plague these characters, reducing them to little more than foodies with no discernible personality traits. It’s crucial to recognize that these Sexy Chubby Anime girls are just as deserving of the spotlight as their svelte counterparts. They possess a certain charm and allure that should be celebrated and appreciated. After all, why should societal standards dictate who is deemed worthy of attention and admiration?

Hanako Ohtani

In our quest for a plus-sized anime character, we stumbled upon Hanako Ohtani from Persona 4 The Animation. As a stereotypical chubby anime girl, her weight is played for comedic effect.

Hanako is a quintessential foodie, fiercely protective of her tray of delectable goodies. She exudes an air of arrogance, unapologetic about her size and proud of herself. Currently, in her second year at Yasogami High School, Hanako shares a close bond with Ms Kashiwagi, and the two of them can be seen holed up at the Amagi Inn together. It’s also worth noting that Hanako appears in not one, but two games.

Isn’t it curious how such characters are often reduced to their weight and food habits, serving only as shallow caricatures of themselves? It’s high time we recognize the multidimensionality of these characters and appreciate them for all that they are.

Shigemi Kubota 

We’ve discovered a truly exceptional character from the anime Sakamoto desu ga – an incredibly sweet, chubby anime girl.

Despite her sweet nature, she’s quite the intimidating figure when it comes to maternal instincts. Don’t mess with her when it comes to protecting her loved ones! She’s confident in her appeal and appearance, unapologetically embracing her curves.

But what sets her apart from the rest is her recent recapturing of her maternal senses, making her all the more endearing. It’s no wonder she’s made it onto our list – this character is truly one of a kind.

Isn’t it fascinating how such characters are often dismissed as one-dimensional, solely defined by their physical appearance? It’s high time we recognize the depth and complexity of these characters, celebrating them for all that they are.

Satomi Ishihara

No list of Sexy Chubby Anime girls would be complete without this popular character from Plastic Neesan.

She’s cheeky and oozes confidence, taking great pride in her appearance. She’s so full of herself that she doesn’t hesitate to tell others exactly what she thinks of them, no matter how offensive it may be. But that’s just a testament to how powerful her character truly is.

It’s impossible not to be drawn in by her irresistible charm – she exudes such magnetism that everyone wants to be her or be with her.

Isn’t it amazing how these characters can capture our hearts and imaginations with their larger-than-life personalities? It’s high time we give them the recognition they deserve and celebrate them for all their quirks and complexities.

Minamo Aoi

The Real Drive Sennou Chousashitsu anime – where characters are drawn with more realistic proportions. But unfortunately, some characters like this girl, who happens to be one of the fat anime girls, received a negative reaction from the public.

She’s just fifteen years old and started off as an intern hired by Masamichi Haru. She also happens to be the sister of Souta Aoi. Despite the initial backlash, she gradually climbed the ladder of success in her job, proving all her naysayers wrong.

Isn’t it funny how we, as a society, often impose unrealistic beauty standards on fictional characters, even when they’re drawn in a more realistic way? It’s high time we recognize and appreciate the beauty in all body types, celebrating diversity in all its forms.

Witch of the Waste

The Witch of the Waste from Howl’s Moving Castle is a real powerhouse, let me tell you! She’s got all the qualities that make her a true force to be reckoned with – power, meanness, and pure unadulterated evil. And you know what? That makes her a perfect addition to our list of plus size anime characters.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s dive deeper into what makes this wicked witch tick. For starters, she’s not your average villain – oh no, she’s the very embodiment of evil itself. And boy, does she love herself! Her narcissistic tendencies lead her to use her magical powers to make herself appear younger and more beautiful, which is a clear sign of her insecurity. As the main antagonist in the movie, it’s possible that her evil origins stem from society’s unfair beauty standards and expectations.

It’s truly a shame that characters like the Witch of the Waste are often painted in such a negative light just because of their size or appearance. It’s high time we start celebrating diversity and accepting people for who they are, rather than forcing unrealistic beauty standards on them. After all, everyone deserves to be seen and appreciated for their unique qualities – even if they’re a wicked witch!


Whoa, hold the phone! We can’t just forget about Nikuko from the anime Please tell me! Galko-chan. This girl has been a standout character throughout the entire series with her unique features and personality.

Let’s dive into some of her defining traits, shall we? Nikuko is a schoolmate of Galko-chan and a member of the girls’ group. Despite her weight, she defies stereotypes by being far from flappy – in fact, she’s shockingly fast! It’s no wonder she’s earned the nickname “Sonic Meat” from the boys her age.

Nikuko is a shining example of how being overweight doesn’t necessarily mean being unfit. It’s important to remember that everyone is unique and deserves to be celebrated for who they are, regardless of their size or appearance.

Tamako Inada

Wowza, let me introduce you to the hottest plus size anime girl from Silver Spoon or Gin no Saji! She’s got a personality that will knock your socks off and make her one of the most unforgettable characters on our list.

She’s a boss lady, a part of Hachiken’s group, and she’s got some major business acumen. Her ultimate goal is to make her homeland into something bigger and better, and she’s not afraid to take some risks to achieve it.

One of the things that sets her apart is her genuineness, though it can sometimes be a double-edged sword. And let’s be real, if she wanted to, she could totally crush it on a fashion diet. This smoking hot plus size anime girl is proud of her curves and isn’t afraid to flaunt them.

Characters like her prove that being plus size is no barrier to being successful, confident, and downright fabulous. We need more representation in the media for plus size individuals, and characters like her are a giant leap in the right direction.

Yukino Itou

Let me tell you about this plus-size anime girl from Real Drive – she’s a total superstar! Her friends Minamo and Sayama are lucky to know her because she’s got some serious charm.

She’s a bit on the quiet side, but that just adds to her mysterious allure. With her black eyes and dark hair tied up in a cute ponytail, she’s definitely a head-turner. And let’s not forget about her adorable face – it’s enough to make anyone envious.

Being plus-size has never looked so good – this girl is proof that you don’t have to conform to society’s beauty standards to be beautiful. Let’s celebrate diversity and embrace all body types, because everyone deserves to feel confident and amazing in their own skin.

Mirei Yajimma

Wow, have you caught a glimpse of this captivating plus-size anime girl from Genshiken Nidaime? She’s a fresh face, yet her extraordinary appearance sets her apart from the rest. This plus-size beauty is one of the hottest and most sought-after anime characters on the scene!

She’s got an effortless style, without being too revealing or flashy. She’s got curves in all the right places and isn’t afraid to flaunt them. You won’t find her in any dainty or frilly dresses – comfort and practicality are her mainstays.

Although it’s apparent that she’s not entirely comfortable with her looks, her confident and amiable nature more than makes up for it.

It’s fantastic to see more representation for plus-size people in anime, and characters like her are setting the stage for more diverse and all-encompassing storytelling.

Natsumi Asaoka

Have you, by chance, chanced upon the resplendent character from the anime series The Kabocha Wine, commonly known by the moniker of “L”? Allow us to elucidate the origin of this sobriquet, for it is indubitably one that shall remain ensconced within the recesses of one’s memory, forevermore. It is, veritably, an allusion to her prodigious bust, which defies all established conventions of size.

But let us not focus solely on her physical attributes, for she is not only a paragon of pulchritude but a commendable partner to her gentleman companion Shunsuke, providing him with valuable assistance in overcoming his ineptitude and evolving into a superior version of himself.

Their romance is nothing short of idyllic, a veritable exemplar of the true essence of affection and devotion. And, lest we forget, it is her impressive curves that have earned her a place of honor on this roster.

Characters such as “L” are living proof that corpulence need not preclude one from being an outstanding partner and a splendid human being, thereby serving as a harbinger of a more inclusive era, one in which characters of all body types can receive equitable representation in the anime sphere.

Yukino Ito

Have you laid your eyes upon this entity from RD Sennou Chousashitsu? She is the most cherished comrade and confidant of Minami Aoi, and her visage is indelibly etched in one’s memory!

She is incessantly in motion, partaking in an extensive gamut of pursuits and never slackening her pace. Yet, when she deigns to pause, she can be spied indulging in delectable victuals at cafes with her compatriots.

With her distinctive semblance and exuberant demeanor, she is an inimitable character who evokes an ineluctable fondness.

It is splendid to witness anime evincing characters of all statures and contours, and she is a paradigmatic illustration of the multifarious and captivating personas that abound.


Indubitably, Minori, one of the sizzling plus size anime dames, cannot be missed. Her eyes, shaded in olive, radiate a splendor that leaves one in awe. Her luscious locks, also the color of olive, further accentuate her stunning features. Notably, Minori is a character from the anime No-Rin who exudes an over-defensive disposition, adding to her enigmatic persona. 

Her chubby physique is a sight to behold, and its shape is worth mentioning. All in all, Minori is a character who commands attention and leaves one captivated by her distinctiveness.


Bertha, the enigmatic character from the anime Darker Than Black, cannot be described without a sense of awe. Her luscious purple locks cascade down her shoulders, creating an alluring aura around her. Her green eyes, reminiscent of the vast expanse of a forest, add to her mysterious appeal. Bertha is not just any character; she is a holy messenger, exuding an aura of divinity that is hard to miss.

But Bertha has her quirks, as most do. She has a peculiar dependence on tobacco, which she only gave up when she was with child. And yet, despite this habit, she has a love for beaded jewelry, which adds a touch of elegance to her already captivating persona.

Interestingly, before her foray into anime, Bertha was a Viennese drama artist, adding to her already extensive list of accomplishments. She cherished her youth, believing herself to be unimaginably delightful, which is evident in her character portrayal. All in all, Bertha is a character who demands attention and leaves one perplexed by her complex nature.


Let us lay our eyes upon the spellbinding Yunbo, a character from the anime Xam’d: Lost Memories, whose greenish-blue eyes dazzle with an enigmatic charm. Her short hair, which accentuates her youthful features, infuses her character with a hint of impudence. It was in the Zabani cockpit where she was first noticed alongside Ahm, setting the stage for her inscrutable persona.

Although plump, Yunbo possesses an alluring charm that is hard to overlook. Her fair complexion, a determining factor in her looks, only adds to her aura of mystery, leaving us spellbound by her beauty. But Yunbo is more than just a pretty face. She discovered and suggested Sentan Island, making her an indispensable character in the anime’s storyline.

Her customary appearance, featuring a red scarf and a blue dress, only amplifies her unique allure, leaving us in amazement at her character. All in all, Yunbo is a character who demands attention, perplexing us with her captivating and intricate nature that bursts with complexity.


As a prodigious and multifaceted cultural phenomenon, anime has indisputably established itself as an integral component of the adolescent experience. Indeed, if one has been perusing the vast expanses of the internet in search of the most substantial representations of corpulent female anime characters, then lo and behold, this article is poised to provide invaluable aid in this quest. It is our sincerest hope that, henceforth, the reader shall find no need to pursue any additional resources pertaining to this matter.

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